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Venerable Pa Auk SayaDaw

Baddanta Acinna

(တတိယ) ဖားအောက်ဆရာတော်ဘုရားကြီး အရှင်အာစိဏ္ဏ




Pa-Auk Tawya Meditation Centre, Mawlamyine, Mon state, Myanmar.
Tel : : (95) 57- 22853


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Pa Auk Monastery is a Theravadan Buddhist teaching monastery located in the forested hills near the town of Mawlamyine in southeastern Myanmar (Burma). The monastery was founded in 1926 by the first Abbot, Thit-thee Sayadaw. The current Sayadaw (Pa Auk Sayadaw, pictured here) teaches a very thorough method of meditation.

In 2002 Pa Auk Sayadaw visited the U.S. and invited practitioners to come to the monastery.
This page is dedicated to providing information and assistance to those interested in Pa Auk Sayadaw's teachings and in visiting the monastery.




Dhamma Talk Video




Dhamma Talk Video

at four springs, 14598 Sheveland Road, Middle Town, CA 95461



(1) 6-March-2005  Dependent Origination


(2) 7-March-2005  Advance Vipassana & Nibbana


(3) 11-March-2005  Vipassana and Postures


(4) 15-March-2005  Discerning five Aggregates


(5) 16-March-2005  Repulsiveness Meditation


(6) 17-March-2005  Four Elements Meditation


(7) 3-April-2005  Nine Types of Channel, Ground Contemplation


(8) 4&5-April-2005  Vedana (Felling)


(9) 7-April-2005  Contemplation of Mind (I)


(10) 8-April-2005  Contemplation of Mind (II)


(11) 9-April-2005  Ill Will, Metta


(12) 10-April-2005  Use and Benifit of Metta


(13) 11-April-2005  Sloth and Torpor, Restlessness and worry


(14) 12-April-2005  Doubt, Five Aggregates Method


(15) 13&14-April-2005  Six Sense Base Contemplation: Eye Sensitivity, Successful Practice, Enlightenment Factors


(16) 17-April-2005  Enlightenment Factors: Energy & Joy


(17) 18-April-2005  Enlightenment Factors: Tranquality & Equanimity


(18) 20-April-2005 Mahasatapatthana Conclusion








Dhamma Talk Video

at Ikotoshima plaza, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan



30-April-2005 Bozzhinga Sutta (1)

3-May-2005  Bozzhinga Sutta (2)